Friday, August 31, 2012

Shoujo Kakumei Utena fan delusions . . . ?!

Discussion elsewhere has made me realize that a number of people have SKU interpretations/beliefs that boggle my mind . . .

1) Swords of Hate are harmless to Utena and cannot hurt her, they'll turn her into a adult in the outside world instead.

Then . .. Anthy having them all along . . . and still being a girl slave inside Ohtori for god knows how many decades . . . WTF?

2) Akio has no magical powers on his own and will become a regular slob post Anthy leaving.

Then . . . Akio approaching Prof Nemuro in the past, and made time flow back and shit, and controlling the 100 boys ALL without Anthy's presence . . . huh?  And the "Akio car towards World's End" scenes where Anthy is never present . . . WTF?

3) Akio will never wanna even think of influencing the world outside Ohtori, and has no impact on the real world thus is harmless to its people.

Then . . . Akio's continued drawing people from the outside world into the duels (child Utena, who was NOT an Ohtori student; ex-students Shiori and Ruka are not free from his machinations even while away, as they will return when he wants them to) . . . what?!  Any number of people disappearing off the outside world into magical Ohtori for soul-wrecking duels have no impact on the outside world?!

4) When Anthy's pawn Mikage is dallying with politicians right in Nemuro Memorial Hall INSIDE Ohtori during Mikage Seminar (1st black rose arc episode), Akio the Acting Chairman has nothing to do with it, just because he cares nothing about outside power players

Akio, by his Acting Chairman role alone, needs to approve of the Mikage Seminar to allow it to occur inside Ohtori Academy.  Why would Akio let Mikage draw outside power players INTO Ohtori, if such a potentially risky act does not serve him?  Will the ACTING CHAIRMAN just HIDE when the elite politician come into Ohtori, not even being present to greet the important guests entering the premise (among doing other interactions with them) as is likely to be part of his job function?  Or will Akio just go "Hi, bye, Mr. PM; you may notice strange things at Nemuro Hall and all around Ohtori, Mr. PM, but please no talking about it to outsiders once you leave, pretty please?" To say that Akio has no relations with the outside politicians coming into Ohtori would be just as illogical like saying Akio never have sexual relations with Mrs. Ohtori/Kozue/Touga cause no penetration is visually shown!

I'm respectful of other people's head canon - so long as they do not blatantly contradict the scenes/dialogues shown, and that they fit in with LOGIC.  The fan myths above are just . . . no . . . just, NO!

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