Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bitter Sugar (2011) - Want a taste of josei drama, anyone?

I've just finished all ten episodes of this spectacular midnight Japanese drama marathon-style, and already I have to write about it now!

Adapted from a best-selling josei novel, Bitter Sugar follows the lives and trails of three long-time friends: women entangled in various problematic life situations, all of whom feeling those under-achievement blues as they slid helplessly towards the dreaded "big 40".  I know the above description makes the show sounds like one of those North American day-time soap, but it ISN'T.  There are no petty cat fights, no ungrateful children having unprotected sex, no generic cheating husbands/boyfriends in Bitter Sugar (even though the first couple episodes might deceive you into thinking there will be).  What this show has to offer is a well-crafted string of genuine life's lessons, presented via chic, magazine-style visuals that somehow add to rather than detract from the grounded, soulful story being told.  The horrific 2011 Japan Earthquake is also incorporated into the story's background, it's after-effects prompting two man characters into making polarizing choices with their lives that deeply affect all their love-ones.  All three leading actresses managed to fit around their characters like snug gloves, with the mesmerizing Ryo taking center stage as the elegant, love-thirsted writer narrating the entire show.
I'll put up a more detailed review of this show when I have time, but for now, I have the following to say: 
The English sub for the entire series is available online so grab them while they're still there people!!

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